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Issue Positions

Prioritize Public Safety

Support and fund the police.

Combat violent crime and prevent & prosecute gun crime.

Invest in police recruitment and retention.

Increase resources for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Eliminate loopholes that result in the “catch and release” of dangerous criminals.

Cut Living Costs

Reduce Minnesota’s tax burden.

Cut the social security tax.

Lower the cost of housing and higher education.

Address the labor shortage and relieve supply chain woes.

Combat predatory and monopolistic business practices that harm consumers and increase costs.

Promote Economic Prosperity

Incentivize new business creation and entrepreneurial activity.

Develop talent and train Minnesota’s workforce to meet the demands of the modern economy.

Remove regulations that benefit entrenched interests at the expense of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Minnesotans.

Ensure Excellence in Education

Increase educational standards.

Maintain local control of Eden Prairie schools.

Ensure students aren’t falling behind and initiate remedial programs, as needed, in response to the educational challenges of COVID-19.

Depoliticize classroom agendas.

Support teachers and optimize the student-teacher ratio.

Increase Transparency and Improve Good Governance

Reduce the influence of special interests.

Investigate and reduce fraud and wasteful spending across all levels of government.

Review, repeal, and retire outdated regulations and programs.

Restore trust in our democratic institutions.

Support Women, Children, and Families

Make Minnesota the best state in the country to raise a family.

Lower childcare costs.

Expand and incentivize family leave programs.

Protect children in schools and in our communities.

Ensure access and availability of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Seek to achieve bipartisan consensus on abortion policy that reflects the position of most Minnesotans: keep abortion safe, legal, and rare; limit procedures when a fetus is viable outside the womb.

Protect the Environment and Incentivize Energy-Efficient Innovation

Conserve open spaces, protect forests, maximize biodiversity, and ensure clean waterways.

Incentivize research, development, and investment in next-generation technology that will increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and lower energy costs.

Promote investment in and use of clean manufacturing systems and low-emissions construction material.

Protect the Boundary Waters.

Questions, Concerns, or Criticism? Email the campaign at . We would love to hear your thoughts on these issues, or any others.