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    Why I’m Running

    Over the last several years, we’ve witnessed increased polarization and partisanship, rising crime, rising prices, and changes to education that are leaving some students behind. We need a return to normalcy, and I’m running to advocate for hard-working Eden Prairie families and expand the American Dream. As a legislator, I will champion pragmatic policymaking, prioritize public safety, promote economic prosperity, cut living costs, and ensure educational excellence.

    Like most Americans, I am exhausted by the partisanship and polarization plaguing political discourse. Too many politicians are focused on winning the daily news cycle rather than working for long-term and pragmatic solutions to help voters. That needs to change. We can’t let the loudest and most extreme views, on either side of the aisle, silence the reasonable middle. I will work to reduce the partisan divide, foster collaboration over conflict, increase thoughtful deliberation, and return us to reason.  

    After experiencing the alarming rise of crime in Minneapolis and its spread to the suburbs, I am running to develop strong policies that provide police and peace officers the resources they need, ensure the mental health and wellness of law enforcement professionals, and push back against harmful narratives that villainize the police and embolden criminals. Together, we will support the police, strengthen community relationships, enact any needed reforms, and ensure public safety.

    Small businesses and economic innovation are the heart of Minnesota’s, and America’s, prosperity. I’ve seen firsthand the role small businesses can have in improving living standards for individuals, families, and communities. I will work to make it easier to create businesses, expand job growth, and promote innovation. In the face of a record state budget surplus, I will also advocate for common sense tax reform to leave more money in the pockets of retirees and hardworking Minnesota families.

    As the proud son of a construction worker and housekeeper turned school cook, obtaining an education transformed my life. So, it’s especially painful to witness children fall behind in school because of COVID-19, school closures, and distance learning. We’ve also seen educational excellence suffer as political agendas invaded the classroom. I am running to ensure every child – regardless of family background – has access to a world-class education, and I will fight to make higher education more affordable.

    Eden Prairie residents deserve better and I’m ready to get to work to make that happen. I hope to earn your support and serve our community in St. Paul.



    Thomas Knecht



    Meet Thomas

    Thomas Knecht grew up on a small farm where his family raised beef and pork. He worked for his father’s concrete foundation company throughout his early life, and still occasionally lends a hand when he visits his parents and his dad needs help. At age 7, Thomas started playing hockey and, while his hockey career peaked in high school, he continues to play to this day.

    The early farm work and construction motivated Thomas to pursue an education and he was the first person in his family to attend college.

    On the Issues

    Prioritize Public Safety
    Promote Economic Prosperity
    Cut Living Costs
    Ensure Excellence in Education
    Increase Transparency and Improve Good Governance
    Support Women, Children, and Families
    Protect the Environment & Incentivize Energy-Efficient Innovation